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Community Development Fund Application

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Group/Organisation details

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Postal address*

Is the organisation incorporated*

If yes, what is the incorporation number?

Does the applicant organisation operate in the municipality?*

Is membership or participation in the organisation or its activities open to all Council residents?*

How many members do you have?*

What are the objectives of your organisation/role within the community?*

Contact details

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Project details

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Amount requested* (Maximum amount funded is $3000)

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Who will benefit from your project? i.e. members of the group, the whole community etc *

What will your project achieve?*

How will you deliver this project?*

Which Council or Community Plan will your project address?*

Financial information and budget

Are you applying to any other funding ?*

If yes, state which body and amount

Project income and expenditure

  1. Income must equal expenditure
  2. Income from your organisation should at least match Council’s contribution in cash and/or in kind
  3. Examples of expenditure include equipment purchase, printing and stationary, consultants fees, catering, insurance, repairs and maintenance, sundry expenses etc.


Amount requested from Council

Funds from your organisation

Funds from others i.e. sponsorship, donations
Explain the nature of the in-kind contribution and how you have calculated the value. Costs should be based on reasonable commercial rates. e.g. labourer 4x$20 per hr


List main purchases


Please attach quotes to undertake your project to this application. Projects which support local businesses where purchases are required will be looked upon favourably.
(Upload limit: 2MB per file. Acceptable file types: pdf, doc, docx, png, jpg, jpeg, gif.)

Additional quotes can be emailed to meagan.monk@swanhill.vic.gov.au

Funding acknowledgement

If successfully funded, explain how your organisation will acknowledge councils contribution to the project?*
Tick all that are applicable.

Additional documents

If any of the following documents are applicable to your application, please email them to meagan.monk@swanhill.vic.gov.au

  • Incorporation Certificate or Australian Taxation Office Endorsement as a charity
  • Tax exempt fund or deductable gift recipient
  • Any supporting documentation e.g. site plans, letters of support etc
  • Quotations
  • Business, strategic or other relevant planning documents i.e. exert of community plans, council plans, organisation’s business plans


I the undersigned, certify that the information contained in this application is a true and accurate record of our intentions.

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