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Cat Trap Requests

Cat Trap Requests

Cat traps are available for loan to assist residents in the control of nuisance and feral cats in their neighbourhood.

If you wish to loan a cat trap from Council, please complete the fields below and an Authorised Officer will contact you when a trap becomes available.

Council has recently received an influx of cat trap requests.  Your request will be placed on a waiting list and a trap will be delivered when available.

    Cat trap request

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    Terms and conditions

    • The term of this agreement is 7 days from the date the trap is received.
    • While the trap is in my possession I am solely responsible for the trap and I will not let any other person use the trap at another address.
    • I may only use the trap to humanely capture stray cats at the address provided in this submission.
    • I will inform the Council Animal Ranger when an animal is caught so that arrangements can be made for its collection. I will under no circumstances attempt to remove the animal from the trap.
    • Council Animal Rangers only collect cats during the business hours of 8.30am–5.00pm Monday to Friday. Traps must not be set on weekends or public holidays.
    • I need to place an enticement (i.e. food item) inside the trap that will not harm the animal.
    • If the trap is no longer required I must contact the Council Animal Ranger to collect it.
    • Traps will not be accepted at the Council front office reception.
    • Arrangements must be made prior to delivery to the Pound.

    I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions

    For more information or to arrange an appointment contact
    Local Laws
    Phone: (03) 5036 2346 (office hours only)

    After Hours Emergency Response (dog attacks and livestock on roads):
    Phone: (03) 5032 0322

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