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Council Property

Swan Hill Rural City Council is responsible for a portfolio of properties, most of which are occupied and utilised by the community, or by organisations that provide a service to our community.

Lease or Licence Council Land

In addition to land and buildings which are owned by Council, we also manage a number of Crown Land Reserves as the appointed Committee of Management under the Crown Land Reserves Act 1978.

There are various types of occupancy on Council and Crown land. In almost every circumstance, an agreement with Council is required to legitimately enable the occupation.

The main types of occupancy agreements are Leases and Licenses, along with some permits.

The application to Lease or Licence Council Land is for community, private, residential, grazing/farming or commercial use.

When we review lease or licence applications, we consider:

  • Local Government Act Section 115 – Lease of land
  • Planning requirements
  • Commercial and community outcomes
  • Strategic planning – future use
  • Environmental impacts
  • Any other matters in relation to the land
Lease or Licence Council Land

Land Owner Consent

Any organisation who wants to upgrade existing facilities, construct new facilities or landscape on Council owned land must seek Land Owners Consent prior to commencing any works.

Apply for Land Owner Consent
For enquiries please contact
Procurement and Property Unit
Phone: (03) 5036 2330

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