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Livestock Control

Livestock Control

All stock owners must ensure that fences and gates are in good repair and to a standard capable of containing the type of stock normally held on the property.

Owners of stock that wander on roads or in public places and cause or are deemed to have caused an accident may be liable for damages resulting from such an accident.

Report wandering stock

Regular offenders are likely to have their livestock impounded and/or receive a penalty notice.

Authorised Officers will respond to complaints about livestock (such as cattle and sheep) on road reserves as quickly as possible to ensure they do not cause any damage or injury.

To report wandering stock
Local Laws
Phone: (03) 5036 2346 (office hours only)

After Hours Emergency Response (dog attacks and livestock on roads):
Phone: (03) 5032 0322

Moving livestock on a road reserve

Do I need a permit to move my livestock?

Under Councils Local Law No.2, Section 79, you will need to apply for a Council permit to move your livestock within the municipality if you are not exempted under the Local Law.  Complete an application form below and submit to Council for assessment. Once your application has been assessed, you will be advised in writing if a permit will be issued.

If you are moving livestock on a VicRoads controlled road, you may need to obtain a permit from VicRoads.

Is there a fee for the permit?

No fee is required.

How long does the permit process take?

Allow up to 7 business days for an application to be assessed.

Permit exemptions

You do not need a permit if you meet the following criteria:

  1. The person is moving livestock on a VicRoads controlled road only and has obtained a permit from VicRoads. The person would need to comply with the ‘Manual for Traffic Control at Stock Crossings’ (Vic Roads, June 2015).
  2. When livestock are being moved between two adjoining parts of a farm within the boundaries of those properties.
  3. The person who owns or is in charge of the movement of livestock between two properties divided by a road but shall comply with the following;
    • the livestock are moved directly across the road at a stock crossing approved by Council;
    • portable signage is displayed to warn motorists when livestock are being moved. Permanent signage and related infrastructure must not be installed without a permit;
    • the livestock are supervised and under effective control by a person who is competent in the management of livestock;
    • as far as possible, the livestock are moved during daylight hours;
    • areas of high conservation are avoided and protected at all times;
    • any livestock excretion, mud or other debris deposits on the road are removed if required by an Authorised Officer for safety and amenity of the area;
    • any reasonable direction from an Authorised Officer is complied with.

Under certain circumstances, Council may also grant a permit exemption to the owner of any farming property upon written application to Council.

What happens if I get caught moving livestock without a permit?

Authorised Officers may issue an on the spot fine for moving livestock on a road reserve without a permit.

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