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Pets Registration

Pets Registration

All cats and dogs over 3 months of age must be microchipped and registered with Council as required by State Government legislation.

If your pet is not microchipped, registration will not be accepted. To microchip your pet, contact your local vet.

Dog or cat (full price) $132
Desexed (certificate or letter from a vet required)* $44
Over 10 years of age (statutory declaration, letter from a vet, Council registration or documentation from a registered breeder required)* $44
Part of a domestic animal business or applicable organisation (copy of credentials required)* $44
Undergone training (copy of credentials required)* $44
Working dog (statutory declaration, documentation to show the dog owner is a primary producer or users the dog for employment purposes, or a tax invoice for the purchase stock required)* $22
Restricted Breed Dog, Dangerous Dog or Menacing Dog. Owners of these animals are not entitled to reduced fees. $240

*Other types of proof may be considered at the discretion of Council’s Authorised Officers.

Eligible pension card holders will also receive a 50% discount on the calculated amount. Eligible pension cards are Centrelink Pensioner Card or Repatriation Health Card.

Register your pet

Annual registration for dogs and cats is due on 10 April each year.

Update your pet registration

Transferring animal ownership

Maximum number of animals allowed at your property

Under Local Law No. 2, you must not, without a permit, keep any more animals or types of animals as set out in the table below

Type of animal Residential
Farming zones less than 0.5ha & rural living zones Farming zones greater than 0.5ha
Dogs (includes working dogs) 2 2 5
Cats 2 2 2
Poultry 10 40 No maximum limit
Turkeys and geese 0 0 30
Roosters 0 0 20
Domestic birds (includes pigeons) 30 30 100
Ferrets 2 4 10
Guinea pigs 6 6 10
Domestic rabbits 2 6 10
Domestic mice 6 10 10
Pigs 0 0 6
Horses, donkeys, mules, sheep and goats 0 2 No maximum limit
Camels 0 0 No maximum limit
Cattle 0 1 No maximum limit
Ostriches, emus and peacocks 0 0 No maximum limit
Any other livestock or agricultural animal 0 0 No maximum limit

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