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Surrender a Cat or Dog

Re-homing your animal

If you want to re-home your animal, please check with your local vet and animal welfare agencies before surrendering your pet to Council.

Council will only try to re-home animals that have passed a behavioural assessment.

Please Note:  Under the Code of Practice for the Management of Cats and Dogs in Pounds and Shelters animals must not be available to be re-homed if they are:

  • Aggressive
  • Anti-social
  • Have known issues such as excessive barking or repeatedly escape from yards

Surrendering your animal to Council

If an owner is no longer able or willing to care for their dog or cat, Council must accept that animal. Surrendering a cat or dog means you are giving up ownership of your animal to Council.

When surrendering an animal you must:

  • Be the owner of that animal.
  • Sign the surrender form.
  • Make an appointment with Regulatory Services before delivering any animal.

You may also be asked by an Authorised Officer to provide proof that you own the animal.

Council will not collect any surrendered animal from a residence for euthanasia.

After a 48-hour cooling off period, Council will attempt to re-home the animal. Council will not re-home any animals due to:

  • Disease
  • Injury
  • Behaviour
  • Unsuitability for adoption

Where considered appropriate after an assessment of the animal, Council may seek to re-home the cat or dog.

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