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Playgroups and preschools

Playgroups and preschools


Although we don’t provide public playgroups, we recognise that playgroups give parents and caregivers the chance to meet new people, get support and exchange parenting ideas.

They allow babies, toddlers and preschoolers to socialise as they play and learn together. All playgroups are different but the emphasis is on fun and friendship.

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Preschools are managed at a community level. Council owns and looks after many of the buildings.

Kunawaa Preschool (03) 5032 3600
Lake Boga Preschool (03) 5037 2249
Manangatang and District Preschool (03) 5035 1368
Nyah West Kindergarten (03) 5030 2204
Robinvale Preschool (03) 5037 2249
Swan Hill North Preschool (03) 5032 2788
Swan Hill South Preschool (03) 5032 4333
Woorinen Preschool (03) 5037 6741

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