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Playgroups and preschools


A playgroup is a group of parents or care givers with their babies, toddlers and preschool children who get together regularly for play and social interaction. The emphasis is on fun and friendship which can last beyond the playgroup setting.

Playgroups give parents and caregivers the chance to meet new people, get support and exchange parenting ideas. They also allow babies, toddlers and preschoolers to socialise and learn through play and interaction with other children and adults in a safe environment.

Playgroups in Swan Hill, Nyah West and Manangatang are facilitated by trained playgroup staff and at times have a Maternal Child Health staff member attending to answer questions.

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Preschools are managed at a community level. Council owns and looks after many of the buildings.

Lake Boga Manangatang Nyah West Robinvale Swan Hill Woorinen South

Lake Boga

Lake Boga Preschool

8 Williams Street, Lake Boga VIC
(03) 5036 9000
Lake Boga Preschool Website


Manangatang & District Preschool

Sea Lake Road, Manangatang VIC
(03) 5035 1368
MTHCS – Preschool Website

Nyah West

Nyah West Kindergarten

Lloyd Street, Nyah West VIC
(03) 5030 2204
Nyah West Kindergarten Website


MVAC Early Learning Centre

87 Latje Rd, Robinvale VIC
(03) 5051 8950
MAVC- Early Learning Centre
MAVC contact details

YMCA Robinvale Preschool

88 George Street, Robinvale VIC
(03) 4311 1504
YMCA Robinvale Preschool

Swan Hill

Kunawaa Kindergarten

123-163 Gray Street, Swan Hill VIC
(03) 5032 3600
Kunawaa Website

Shamrock Park Kindergarten

2 Murlong Street, Swan Hill VIC
(03) 4016 2008
Shamrock Park Kindergarten Website

Swan Hill North Kindergarten

64 Pye Street, Swan Hill VIC
(03) 5032 2788
Swan Hill North Kindergarten Website

Swan Hill South Kindergarten

5 Willick Street, Swan Hill VIC
(03) 5032 4333
Swan Hill South Kindergarten Website

Young Adventurers

24 Yana Street, Swan Hill VIC
(03) 5032 9729
Young Adventurers Website

Little Swans Early Learning

53 Butterworth Street, Swan Hill VIC
(03) 5032 2220
Little Swans Early Learning Website

Woorinen South

Woorinen South Kindergarten

11 McCalman Street, Woorinen South VIC
(03) 5037 6741
Woorinen South Kindergarten

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