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Home Support and Community Care

haccCommonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home and Community Care (HACC) services assist people with day-to-day tasks and supports social activities.

Through its Reablement , the Victorian Department of Health helps people improve their wellbeing and quality of life while maintaining their independence. It focuses on what a person can and wants to do, instead of what they can’t do.

Funding for Swan Hill Rural City Council’s Community Care Services is provided through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), Home and Community Care (HACC) and other State and Federal funding programs.

Intake and referral

My Aged Care is the main entry point to the aged care system in Australia.  My Aged Care makes it easier for older people, their families and carers to access information on ageing and aged care, have their needs assessed and be supported to locate and access services available to them.

Referrals for services can be lodged here:
My Aged Care websiteor  phone: 1800 200 422
If you have difficulty accessing a computer or are unable to lodge a referral through the website please contact:
Community Care Services
Phone: (03) 5036 4700

You may be eligible for CHSP/HACC services if:

  • You are a frail, older person
  • You are a person with a disability
  • You care for a frail, older person or a person with a disability
  • You are assessed as in need of support to retain your independence and quality of life

A referral for services can also be made by:

  • Residents, their families or friends
  • Medical and health practitioners
  • Hospitals and other community agencies

Living at Home Assessment

When a request for assistance is received, an appointment will be made by an Assessment Officer to visit you in your home. An assessment is required prior to the commencement of all our services.

The assessment will be carried out by trained staff who are sensitive to the needs of persons requiring support. They will provide information and assistance in making choices about other service options which may be available.


Domestic assistance

Domestic assistance helps maintain a safe, healthy home so frail older people and people with disabilities and their carers live independently at home and in their community. It provides vital housekeeping tasks that can’t be done by the client such as the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, living areas and bedroom or help with shopping.

A waiting list applies for this service.

Personal care

This helps a person with tasks they can’t do on their own because of illness, disability or frailty. Examples of personal care services include:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Assistance with food preparation
  • Assistance with mobility
  • Assisted shopping

Respite care

Respite provides the carers of frail older people and carers of people with a disability (of any age), with a break. Respite is also an opportunity for the person being cared for to have a break, or an outing without their usual carer. It might be a planned regular respite or occasional respite. Respite can be provided in a client’s home or in the community.

Property maintenance

Property maintenance helps with the maintenance of the client’s garden or yard to keep their home in a safe and habitable condition. Priority is given to safety. Property maintenance does not include work normally undertaken by a tradesperson. Property maintenance tasks include:

  • Light trimming of trees and removal of clippings
  • Lawn mowing and garden maintenance

The property maintenance service is organized through a voucher system instead of a regular rostered service.   This enables the client to choose the council approved contractor they wish to use themselves.  It also allows the client to organize the service when required.  Clients are required to undergo an assessment to determine eligibility.

A waiting list applies for this service.

Delivered meals

Delivered meals are available to clients assessed as being nutritionally at risk. Meals are delivered by volunteers to clients in Swan Hill, Robinvale and Manangatang.

Social support and planned activities

This provides opportunities to socialise through group activities or outings. Outings visit places of interest within our municipality and beyond. There are three main groups:

  • Respite groups
  • Planned activity groups
  • Exercise groups

If you have health or mobility issues, our trained staff can assist.

Veterans’ Home Care

This program offers a range of home support services based on a veteran’s needs. Services include:

  • Domestic assistance
  • Personal care
  • Respite

The Veterans’ Home Care Assessment and Co-ordination Service conducts assessments for Council.

Veterans’ Home Care – Aged Care Housing Group
Phone: (08) 8159 3597

Senior Citizen Centres

Senior Citizens Centres provide social and recreational opportunities for members. Their programs are co-ordinated by committees and can vary between centres. Club membership is open to residents 55 years and over. We provide maintenance of centres and support to seniors’ clubs. Senior Citizen Centres and clubs are located at:

Manangatang Wattle Street President: (03) 5035 1309
Secretary: (03) 5035 1343
Nyah West & District Monash Avenue President: 0429 420901
Secretary: 0487 015 874
Robinvale Robin Street President: (03) 5026 9381
Secretary: (03) 5026 3661
Swan Hill Curlewis Street President: (03) 5033 2269
Secretary: 0429 392 208


The Assessment Officer will discuss fees during the home assessment.  Costs are set annually according to CHSP/HACC fees policy.

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