Swan Hill Rural City Council operates aerodromes at Swan Hill and Robinvale. Both aerodromes are registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and are operated in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Part 139 (CASR139).

Both aerodromes are equipped with Pilot Activated Lighting Systems on the sealed runways. There are currently no public transport services available at either aerodrome.

General enquiries can be directed to the Council offices on 03 5036 2333. Full details for both aerodromes can also be found in the En Route Supplement – Australia (ERSA), a publication of Air Services Australia.

Usage of the aerodromes is free to general aviation users. Aircraft requiring an Aerodrome Pavement Concession are charged at the rate of $9.50/tonne of the maximum takeoff mass of the aircraft.

Swan Hill Aerodrome

Location Back Boga Road, about three kilometres south of Swan Hill.
Terminal facilities Public toilets. Taxi phone. Terminal building.

One sealed and two grass runways

  • Runway 08/26 – 1495m long, 30 m wide, sealed, runway lights
  • Runway 04/22 – 769 m long, 30 m wide, grass
  • Runway 15/33 – 709 m long, 30 m wide, grass
Refuelling – Contact Mid-Murray Flying Club
Phone: (03) 5032 2444
Pilot training – Contact Mid-Murray Flying Club
Phone: (03) 5032 2444
Pilot training – Aviation Training School
Phone: (03) 5033 1232
Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Contact Aeroswan
Phone: (03) 5032 1030

Robinvale Aerodrome

Location Robinvale-Sea Lake Road, about six kilometres south of Robinvale.
Terminal facilities Public toilets.

One sealed and one grass runway

  • Runway 01/19 – 1140 m long, 30m wide, central 18m sealed, runway lights
  • Runway 12/30 – 1170 m long, grass

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