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Swan Hill Rural City Council provides different parking options near the central business district. These options include:

  • Ticketed parking areas
  • Timed parking areas
  • All-day parking areas
  • Accessible parking areas

As a driver, it’s your responsibility to carefully read and follow the parking signs. These signs may apply to a length of road, area, or a car park and may have different rules depending on the time of day.

If you don’t follow these parking rules, you may receive an infringement notice. This includes if you do not buy or display a valid parking ticket, or if you stay parked longer than the allowed time.

Council Authorised Officers regularly monitor parking areas in Swan Hill and Robinvale, enforcing regulations and signage to ensure compliance and availability of parking spaces for all drivers in the municipality.

Paying for parking

Parking meters located throughout the central business district have two methods of payment:

  • pay by coin
  • pay by MasterCard or Visa card

When you buy a parking ticket, it is only valid if clearly displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Tickets purchased via street parking meters are not valid in private card parks (ie. Coles, Woolworths and Aldi).

Weekend parking is free, however you must still abide by the relevant time limits. Please check signage to ensure you are legally parked.

How do I pay using coins?

Coin payment option is available on all meters. To pay by coin:

  • Insert coins needed for the required time
  • Press OK
  • Collect ticket and display it clearly on your dashboard

How do I pay using my card?

MasterCard and Visa Card payment options are available on all meters. To pay by card:

  • Select the credit card option on the screen
  • Use arrows to select required time
  • Press OK
  • Tap card on reader
  • Collect ticket and display it clearly on your dashboard

What if the meter doesn’t work?

Please report faults with parking machines to Council on 5036 2346 or click here to report the issue.

If a parking ticket machine is broken you should use another machine to buy a ticket. If a valid ticket is not displayed clearly on your dashboard you may still receive an infringement notice, even if the closest ticket machine is broken.

Where can I use my ticket?

You can use your parking ticket in any Council ticketed parking areas until the expiry time.

Accessible parking permits

Accessible Parking Permits give parking concessions to those with impaired mobility. There are three types of Accessible Parking Permits available to Victorian residents:

  • An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit
  • A Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permit
  • An Organisational ADP Permit

Long term permits are now 5 years. Short term permits are now 6, 12 or 24 months.

All current permit holders must undertake a medical assessment when they renew into the APP Scheme. Permit holders can now be assessed as having a permanent medical condition or disability and will no longer require medical assessments to renew permits.

Parking Infringements

Parking Infringements

Information on how pay or object to a parking fine.
For more information
Local Laws
Phone: (03) 5036 2346 (office hours only)

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