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Fire Danger Period


The Fire Danger Period will commence at 1am on Monday, 6 November.
Permits to burn during this time will NOT be issued by Council.
For more information visit the CFA website.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) declares the fire danger period each year for each municipality in the lead up to the fire season. It may be declared as early as October and remains in force until as late as May.

During the Fire Danger Period as declared by the CFA, permits to burn from Council will NOT be issued.

Once the Fire Danger Period has been declared by the CFA, Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officers have the power to issue a Fire Prevention Notice under Section 41 of the Country Fire Authority Act 1958. This notice directs the property owner to take the necessary steps to protect life and property, and that of their neighbours, from the threat of fire.

To report any fire hazards please contact
Local Laws
Phone: (03) 5036 2346 (office hours only)
More information about the Fire Danger Period

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