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Preparing your property


The Fire Danger Period will commence at 1am on Monday, 6 November.
Permits to burn during this time will NOT be issued by Council.
For more information visit the CFA website.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to prepare and maintain your property to reduce the threat fire poses to you and your surrounding neighbours.

You are required to maintain, clean up and reduce fuels such as long grass, branches, leaves and piles of cut vegetation before the start of the fire danger period to reduce the risk to your property and neighbours. You must ensure you adequately maintain your property throughout the fire danger period to reduce this threat to life and property.

Please be aware that you must not remove any shrubs or trees from your property. If you wish to remove shrubs or trees, please contact Council’s Planning Department for advice.

Council undertakes annual inspections to identify properties that may pose a risk in the event a fire occurs.

For more information contact
Local Laws
Phone: (03) 5036 2346 (office hours only)

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