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Mallee Sun – Community Solar Garden

Mallee Sun – Community Solar Garden

Renting, shaded roof, living in an apartment, or simply can’t afford a whole system but still want solar? Read on to find out how a solar garden can benefit you.

About the solar garden

The term solar garden comes from Germany. In Europe, these are fast becoming the way of the future for energy generation. The term ‘Gardens’ refers to smaller-scale community-based projects in which people hold plots, to distinguish them from large-scale ‘solar farms.

Panels are ‘sold’ to customers who can’t have solar at home, for whatever reason – because they are renting, they live in apartments, in houses that are shaded, or can’t afford to invest in a whole system.

Here’s how it works

  • People pay for solar panels in a community owned ‘garden’ and receive the benefits for the energy generated as a credit on their power bill.
  • The solar garden is put on the roof of a business or installed on green space. Anyone in the community is free to become a member.
  • The people who have bought panels in the garden receive a credit on their bills for the energy used plus any that is fed back into the grid.

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