Hard waste

Hard waste

    Council provides a free hard waste collection every second year to residents in areas where landfill operation hours are limited.

    Domestic Hard Waste Collection

    What you can put out:

    All items must be able to be lifted shoulder height by two persons, and be no longer than 1.5 metres.

    • Old tins, scrap iron, and other waste metal.
    • Empty and clean paint tins, lids off.
    • Crockery, chinaware etc.
    • Carpet (rolled and tied – limit of one room).
    • Household furniture, such as couches, beds, carpet (rolled and tied – limit 1 room).
    • Household appliances such as refrigerators (remove doors), stoves, washing machines, dishwashers.
    • Electrical appliances, tools, equipment, mowers, and small car parts.
    • Up to 10 pieces of timber (neatly tied) not exceeding 1.5m in length. Nails must be bent over or removed.

    What you can’t put out:

    Items that will NOT be collected include:

    • Over-length or over-weight items of any nature.
    • Waste from industrial and commercial premises.
    • Waste material from construction, renovation and demolition of buildings, including fencing.
    • Glass.
    • Bricks, concrete, stone, clay, sand and soil.
    • Liquids whether or not in sealed containers including paint, oil, garden sprays and chemicals.
    • Farm equipment.
    • Hazardous or offensive waste, including asbestos.
    • Household garbage.
    • Tyres or batteries of any type.
    • Televisions and computer monitors (Please note: although e-waste is accepted for free at the Swan Hill Landfill, collecting these items during hard waste collection is too dangerous).

    Please Note: Clear access is required to your nature strip on collection day. Avoid parking cars near waste materials.

    For more information contact:
    Waste Management Department
    Phone: (03) 5036 2401

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