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Mayor and Councillors


Cr Les McPhee

Mobile: 0427 319 394
Email: les.mcphee@swanhill.vic.gov.au

Deputy Mayor

Cr Stuart King

Mobile: 0437 967 531
Email: stuart.king@swanhill.vic.gov.au


Cr Chris Jeffery

Mobile: 0429 447 802
Email: chris.jeffery@swanhill.vic.gov.au

Cr Nicole McKay

Mobile: 0436 299 842
Email: nicole.mckay@swanhill.vic.gov.au

Cr Bill Moar

Mobile: 0429 496 194
Email: bill.moar@swanhill.vic.gov.au

Cr Ann Young

Mobile: 0409 503 711
Email: ann.young@swanhill.vic.gov.au

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