Accessing Council information

Swan Hill Rural City Council is committed to maintaining an environment and culture of transparency and accountability. This page provides access to documents and reports prescribed under the Local Government Act 1989 and 2020 and other relevant legislation and regulations.

In accordance with Council's Public Transparency Policy Council information will be publicly available unless:

  • the Council Information is Confidential Information; or
  • the release of the Council Information is assessed by the Chief Executive Officer as being contrary to the public interest

Council maintains a public website aimed at keeping the community informed about its functions and services. While most public information is on Council’s website, some information can only be viewed at Council’s offices during working hours. Below is a list of information available to the public.

Available Online

Available from Council offices

  • Agendas and Minutes of Council Meetings and Delegated Committees
  • Interstate and overseas travel register
  • Delegations register under sections 11(8) and 47(7) of the Local Government Act 2020
  • Details of all property leases entered into by Council as lessor
  • Register of authorised officers appointed under section 224 of the Local Government Act 1989
  • Donations and grants made by the Council during the financial year