Recruitment process

Equal employment opportunity

Swan Hill Rural City Council is an equal opportunity employer. Council is committed to providing a safe, harmonious and productive working environment for all employees. We ensure fair, equitable and non-discriminatory consideration is given to all applicants. We exercise our proactive duty to ensure compliance with equal opportunity and other workplace-related legislation, and to eliminate all forms of discrimination.

How to apply


Step 1.Download position description

You can find position descriptions on our recruitment website, located at the bottom of the advertisement you're interested in.

View positions available on our recruitment website

Step 2.Read the position description thoroughly

The position description will provide you with a good understanding of the selection requirements and expected outcomes of the position. The document also outlines the knowledge and skills required to undertake the role, it is not a detailed record of every task and duty.

Step 3.Prepare your documents

To be considered for this position, applications must include the following documents:

  • Current resume
    Upload a copy of your current resume outlining your employment and educational history, experience, skills and knowledge. Please include an email address and daytime contact telephone number.
  • Two referees
    Upload a document with the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of two contactable, professional (work-related) referees. If you do not wish to list referees within your application, please ensure you have them available if you are successful in being shortlisted for an interview.

Step 4.Prepare answers to the application questions

During the online application process you will also be asked to address the following questions concisely and in your own words:

  • Why have you applied for the role?
  • Describe your understanding of the role.
  • Describe your qualifications and/or experience and how you are suited to the role?

What happens next?


  • The shortlisting of candidates is usually completed approximately one week after the closing date.
  • Shortlisted applicants will receive either an email or phone call inviting them to attend an interview within two weeks of the closing date.
  • If you are unsuccessful in obtaining an interview, you will be notified via email.

The interview

  • The interview panel will usually consist of three panel members including the Manager of the position advertised.
  • Interviews could go for approximately 45 minutes to one hour dependent upon the position.
  • Interview questions will be consistent for each applicant.
  • Bring original documentation supporting the qualifications outlined in your resume.
  • Whenever practicable applicants will be interviewed in person. Interstate or overseas applicants may have an initial interview via video conference.
  • At the conclusion of the interview, you will be given an opportunity to ask any questions.
  • The Chairperson will provide details of the expected timeline notifying successful and unsuccessful applicants.

After the interview

Preferred candidate

  • Reference checks
    If you are a preferred candidate after the interview, you will be asked to provide the details of two professional referees, one of whom must be a current or previous supervisor. Please select people who can talk about your skills and experience as they relate to the position you have applied for.
  • Pre-employment checks
    Medical examinations, police checks (dated within last six months) or working with children checks (employee) may be required for certain positions within Council prior to commencing employment. The requirement of these checks will be advertised and included within the position description. People with disclosable court outcomes are not automatically disqualified from the recruitment process. Each outcome is assessed on its relativity to the particular position.
  • Pre-requisites for employment
    It should be noted that successful applicants may be required to provide proof of eligibility to work in Australia prior to commencement of duties. This may be in the form of a passport or birth certificate identifying Australian citizenship or a valid work visa.
  • Pre-employment health declaration
    The successful applicant will also be required to complete Swan Hill Rural City Council’s “Disclosure of Pre-existing Injuries” Form. This formally notifies Council of any pre-existing injury or disease that the incumbent has suffered that could be affected by the nature of the proposed employment. Failure to make a disclosure, or making a false or misleading disclosure, may disqualify the incumbent from any Workers’ Compensation entitlements for any recurrence, aggravation or acceleration of the pre-existing injury or disease if it is sustained in the course of, or due to the nature of their employment with the Swan Hill Rural City Council Pursuant to Section 41 of the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation And Compensation Act 2013.
  • Qualifications
    If you are the successful applicant, you will be required to submit copies of all documents relating to your qualifications to Human Resources, for placement on your personnel file.
  • Offer of employment
    A commencement date and other conditions of employment will be agreed on and a letter of offer will be sent to confirm the terms and conditions of your employment.
  • Qualifying priod – Six month probation
    New employees at Council will be required to complete a six-month qualifying period. During this qualifying period, you will be involved in regular reviews to ensure that you are completing your position to the required expectation. The reviews give you the opportunity to openly discuss any concerns with your supervisor.

Unsuccessful applicants

The unsuccessful applicants that attended an interview will be advised via telephone of the selection panel’s decision, followed by an email confirming the outcome. Unsuccessful applicants are able to contact the Chairperson of the selection panel for feedback on their application and interview.

Privacy and confidentiality

All information acquired is treated confidentially, in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and Health Records Act 2001. The personal information supplied as part of your application is collected by Swan Hill Rural City Council for recruitment and selection purposes and will be used solely by Council for the primary purposes it was collected.