Work experience

Swan Hill Rural City Council offers a range of workplace learning for local students. This provides a chance to work closely with the community and experience real-life work environments.

Council offers three kinds of workplace learning:

  • Work experience
    Short-term placement for secondary school students. It provides insights into a particular industry. Students work for one week observe and learn. They will not undertake activities that need extensive training or experience.
  • Structured workplace learning
    Secondary school students can undertake structured on–the-job training. They are expected to master a designated set of skills and competencies. The length of the placement varies depending on individual and school needs.
  • Practical placements
    Post-secondary VET or Tertiary courses may require practical placement as part of a course. The goal of this is to develop job-related skills in the student’s area of study.

How to apply


Step 1.Where would you like to work?

Have a think about which department you would like work experience in.  A full list of departments and descriptions are available on the form linked below.

Step 2.Have your teachers contact details ready

You will need the contact details for an adult educator who will endorse your application.

What happens next?

We are happy to help with work experience opportunities when we can. We carefully consider each request. However, we may not always be able to provide placements for students. This depends on the availability of suitable work and the presence of an employee to supervise the student.

Someone from our Human Resources team will get in touch with you within two weeks of receiving your request.