Footpaths and naturestrips

Council maintains the footpaths in public places throughout our municipality. Council will regularly inspect footpaths to ensure public safety and have a number of strategies in place to improve our footpath network.

Residents are responsible for:

  • footpaths damaged by vehicles accessing properties by means other than that of an approved vehicle crossover
  • footpaths damaged by tree roots coming from vegetation planted within a private property boundary
  • Maintaining vegetation from private property that may impact pedestrians, prams or mobility scooters.

A naturestrip is the areas of land between your property and the road. This land is owned by the Council, however it is the responsibility of residents to maintain it. This includes tasks such:

  • as weeding
  • regular mowing
  • picking up litter

Report a footpath issue

If you have noticed a damaged or missing footpath, pothole or trip hazard, let us know.

Report a footpath or naturestrip issue

Trees and the footpath

Residents are responsible for managing trees and plants on their property that overhang or grow over the footpath, affecting access for pedestrians, prams, or mobility scooters.

See information about overhanging trees or plants

Parking on a footpath or naturestip

Parking on a footpath, naturestrip or dividing strip is illegal.

An Infringement Notice can also be issued to a vehicle parked in a private driveway if the vehicle is protruding onto the footpath.

See more information about parking

Updating your naturestrip

Review the guidelines for implementing alternative waterwise landscaping before you change your naturestrip.