Quotes and tenders

Swan Hill Rural City Council uses VendorPanel Marketplace for streamlined procurement of products and services. This simplifies the procurement process and increases opportunities for local suppliers. It makes it easier for Council staff to invite them to quote and/or tender.

View current tenders on VendorPanel

Business owners are encouraged to register on VendorPanel, the online platform used by Council to advertise:

  • Tenders
  • Request for Quotes (RFQ)
  • Request for Submissions (RFS)
  • Expression of interest (EOI)

Registering on VendorPanel is free for suppliers and once registered your business profile will be visible to buyers searching for your products and services. 

Register for VendorPanel

Step 1.Identify your business’s primary contact

Select a suitable email address. We suggest using a generic business email address such as admin@company.com.au, which is regularly monitored. Once established, you can add individual users to assist in managing and responding to opportunities.

Step 2.Visit VendorPanel Marketplace

Go to www.vendorpanel.com.au/marketplace

Step 3.Select categories

Search and select the best category for your business

Step 4.Validate your account

Click on the link you receive via email to complete your profile

Step 5.Invite colleagues

Invite additional users as 'colleagues' to assist management of requests. 

What to expect in Council’s documents

Council’s tender documents include:

  • Introductory notes
  • Tender conditions
  • General contract conditions
  • Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Specifications

The tender conditions is where you need to fill in details relating to your business and supply a schedule of rates or total cost.

Documentation that we receive from you will form part of the evaluation process. During this process each submission is scored against the evaluation criteria as shown in the tender documents. 

Evaluation criteria

Each tender received is evaluated based on the evaluation criteria specified in the tender documents.

Council considers tenders based on value for money. Things considered include whole of life cycle costs, compliance with specification, local economic and social benefits, environmental benefits, timelines of supply and capability, and capacity of the tenderer to complete works.

Most evaluation criterias include:

  • Price
    Provide the best value for money (not necessarily the lowest price).
  • Compliance with specification
    Will best deliver services, which meet or exceed the standard.
  • Social and economic benefit to the municipality
    Has demonstrated the best record for supporting the local municipality.
  • Track record
    Has the strongest and best proven record for the delivery of contracted services (whether it be with Council or another organisation).
  • Availability of appropriate skills and resources
    Possesses the best skills and resources necessary to assure the prompt and efficient delivery of the service.


Each project is publicly advertised for a set amount time.

  • Tender - 28 days 

Submitting a tender

To submit a tender, all the compulsory information must be completed. Tenderers can provide additional documents including:

  • Company information
  • Company work history (including photos)
  • Company references
  • Evidence of social and economic benefits to the municipality such as sponsorships, volunteering, employment of locals etc
  • Insurance details
  • Policies and procedures
  • Plant and equipment information

Example tender submission(PDF, 676KB)

Where can I find Council’s current projects?

You can find Council’s current projects:

  • on our website
  • in The Guardian newspaper - Swan Hill area
  • in the The Sentinel newspaper - Robinvale area
  • in surrounding municipality newspapers

Successful suppliers and contractors

Successful suppliers and contractors will receive a purchase order with a purchase order number or a contract number. The purchase order number or relevant contract number should be clearly shown on your invoice to ensure prompt payment.

Purchase orders include contact details, details of goods, works or services to be provided, purchasing contact, authorisation and the price.

Purchase order conditions can be found on the back of the purchase orders.