Property valuation


All properties in Victoria are valued on 1 January each year.

Valuations are completed by certified practising valuers on behalf of the Valuer-General Victoria (VGV). Valuations are then provided to Council.

From this valuation there are three values shown on your rate notice:

  • Site Value (SV): the value of your land only, without improvements (such as buildings)
  • Capital Improved Value (CIV): the assessed market value of your property including both land (SV) and all improvements (such as houses, sheds, swimming pools and pergolas)
  • Net Annual Value (NAV): a minimum of 5 per cent of CIV (higher for some non-residential properties).

Council uses your property's CIV when calculating your rates.

Objecting to a valuation

If you have any questions about the value of your property as shown on your rate notice, please contact us first. We can help you get a clearer understanding of your valuation.

If you would like to submit a formal objection, you will need to lodge your objection via the online portal. 

Please note:

  • You must lodge an objection within two months of the issue date of your annual rate notice or a supplementary rate notice.
  • Even if you object to a valuation, you must still pay your rates by the due date.
  • You should provide as much supporting evidence as possible with your objection.

Lodge an objection

If you are still unhappy with the valuation

After the objection process, if you feel the valuation is still wrong, you can appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). You have a further 30 days to lodge your appeal.

Supplementary valuations

In certain circumstances, valuations are conducted between annual valuations. These are known as supplementary valuations. 

A supplementary valuation can be completed when properties are:

  • altered
  • demolished
  • erected
  • amalgamated
  • subdivided
  • portions are sold off
  • rezoned
  • affected in some way that alters their value.

If a supplementary valuation changes your property value, Council will send you a notice about amended rates and valuations.