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Pre-qualified Contractors

Contractors need to be registered through our pre-qualification system before starting any Council work.

This system is used to ensure our contractors have appropriate skills and training, accreditation, licences and insurance, and all OHS requirements in place.  Prequalified Contractors should also refer to the OHS Online Induction information below.

OHS Online Induction

One of the requirements for being a Prequalified Contractor is the completion of our Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Induction. The OHS Induction needs to be completed online. Inductions expire every three years and you will be notified via email when re-induction is required.

Contractors are required to print their induction certificate at completion and carry with them at all times when working on Council sites.

For technical support you can phone Rapid Induct Customer Support line on 1800 307 595.

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