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Lost your pet?

Lost your pet?

If your pet is lost or missing please check the images below to see the current animals at our pound.

The following fees may apply when collecting your pet from the pound:

  • Registration fee ranges from: $22 to $220
  • Pound release (first offence):  $75
  • Sustenance fee: $11 per day
  • Unregistered pet fee: $322
  • Pets found wandering at large fee ranges from: $81 to $242
  • Registration tag replacement $5

Please note: Dogs and cats may be re-homed if they are not claimed within 8 days. Pet exchange register ID: BR101264 (Robinvale) | BR101262 (Swan Hill).

Animals looking for a new home

Pets are wonderful animals that enhance our lives tremendously. Saving a companion animal’s life and making him/her a valued member of your family is satisfying and rewarding. Dogs and cats can be re-homed if they are not claimed from the pound within 8 days. All dogs and cats must pass a vet check and be de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated before they can go to a new home. An adoption fee will apply depending on the gender and weight of the animal. Cats and dogs adopted from Council’s pound are registered for free for the first year.

Animals in our pound

“Tammy” SH2403

Female tabby and white cat. Very friendly.  Caught in cat trap around Storer Court area.

“Jack” R2402

Male bobtail tabby with white chest and toes.  Found wandering in Robinvale. No microchip.

“Joey” R2401

Large male tabby.  Found wandering in Robinvale. No microchip

“Casper” SH2398

Male cat caught in cat trap around Nyah Two Bays area.

“Murphy” SH2397

Male Tabby.  Found wandering around Caffrey Street Woorinen.
For more information or to arrange an appointment contact:
Local Laws
Phone: (03) 5036 2346 (office hours only)

After Hours Emergency Response (dog attacks and livestock on roads):
Phone: (03) 5032 0322