Need to change your permit?

Amending a planning permit


Minor changes to a plan

Once you have your planning permit from Council, there might be an instance where you need to change your permit. This could include:

  • Changing your approved plans
  • Changing the conditions of your permit
  • Changing the permit’s development or use
  • Extending the time of your permit

No changes to any parts of your plan (or permit) can be done without first going through Council. If the changes you’re looking to make to your approved plan are only minor, you can fill out a secondary consent form.

Major changes to a plan

For bigger changes you will need to lodge an Application to Amend a Planning Permit.

You also need to provide:

  • Three copies of your proposed changes. These must be shown on your plan.
  • A summary of what you want to change and why these changes are needed.
  • The amendment fee.

The Department of Community Development and Planning (DPCD) lists fees under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, including to change a permit (see Section 72).

Changing a permit condition

To change a condition of your permit, you need to lodge an Application to Amend a Planning Permit

If you’re applying to amend a permit but aren’t the owner, you must:

  • have the owner’s consent, or
  • notify them about the application

The process is basically the same as a planning permit application. When applying to change a permit, as well as your application form, you should include:

  • Three copies of your plans (including a copy on A3)
  • A report outlining what changes you’re proposing
  • The amendment fee.

Once you’ve gone through the application process, if your changes are supported by Council you will be issued with an amended permit. This is called a Notice of Decision to Amend a Permit.

Your permit will include the changes and the new conditions that apply to it. If your changes are not supported by Council we can issue a Refusal to Amend a Permit.

Extending a planning permit

If you need to extend your planning permit, you must apply to Council before your permit expires or within 3 months after.

If agreed by Council, the time extensions might be for:

  • To start the use or development
  • To start any stage of the development
  • To complete the development or complete any stage of the development
  • Extend the time for to certify a plan (for subdivisions)

It’s up to Council as to how long your planning permit is extended. Council might also decide on a different date for your permit extension rather than what you’ve requested.

Whether Council extends your permit (and for how long) depends on:

  • The extent of the time delay
  • Why an extension is needed
  • The size of the development


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