Maternal and Child Health

Baby being weighed Maternal and Child Health (MCH) service provides information, advice and support to those caring for babies and young children.

It is a free service and works in partnership with families to care for babies and young children until they start school.

Visits focus on optimising child and family health, well-being, safety, learning and development.  We aim to make it easy for parents and carers to access services, support, and information they need to keep their families healthy, happy, and safe.

Our team of MCH nurses are registered general nurses. They have qualifications in midwifery and maternal and child health. We also have Enhanced MCH Workers who have an allied health or early childhood background.

Accessing the MCH service

Request an appointment

Call 03 5032 0300
The MCH staff conducts appointments with privacy and confidentiality.
For 24 hour assistance call the Maternal and Child Health Helpline 132 229 to speak with a nurse.

My Health, Learning and Development Record (green book)

My Health, Learning and Development Record (green book) The hospital where your baby was born will give you a My Health, Learning, and Development Record. This is commonly known as the 'green book' or Child Health Record.

Your nurse will use this book to track your child's milestones, health, growth, and development at each appointment. They will also track immunisations. It is important to bring this book along to every appointment.