Request copies of building plans and documents

You may need copies of building plans or other building documents to help prepare designs for new building work, garages or other outbuildings on your property. You can also request pool registration/compliance letters that Council have previously sent you in the past.

Plans and permits are the property of the owner, and copies of documents may only be provided to the owner or an agent of the owner (written letter of consent from the owner required).

Looking for drainage or sewerage plans? 

It is unlikely these building plans will contain information relating to drainage, sewerage, plumbing or electrical plans specifically for your site. Visit Before You Dig Australia to get underground asset plans.

How to apply

Apply online

Step 1.Decide which information you need

You can request one or more of the following:

  • Building Permit documentation
  • Site Plan
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Certificate of Final Inspection
  • Pool registration/compliance letters
  • Other

Step 2.Have your details ready

You will need to provide:

  • the street address of the property
  • if you are applying on behalf of the property owner you must provide a letter of consent that is signed by the owner
  • the type of building permit documents you are looking for (e.g. a building permit for a shed, occupancy permit for a dwelling, final certificate for a shed etc)

Step 3.Have your credit card ready

Please note we can not accept Diners Club or American Express.

Step 4.Submit the online form and pay the fee

Request building plans or documents


Request building plans and documents 2024/25 Fees
Record search fee - payable at time of lodgement $26
Retrieval of building records $96.50 per file
Retrieval fee for building records beyond 10 years (archive files) $169.50 per file

What happens next?

  • We will send you an email receipt to confirm we have received your application
  • You will be contacted via email to:
    1. pay the applicable fee depending on where files are located (on-site versus off-site)
    2. advised if records are not available

We will aim to supply requested documents via email within 14 days (subject to payment and archiving retrieval)