Drains and stormwater

Stormwater is the name for the rainwater that runs off roofs, roads, footpaths and other surfaces.

This water flows into a stormwater drain. It then flows into our creeks, rivers and water catchments, and ends up in the ocean.

Our stormwater drainage network is a combination of drains, pits, pipes, open channels and natural waterways.

Stormwater drains

Stormwater drains are not all owned by Council. Individual property owners may also own some stormwater drains. The owner of each drain needs to look after and clean their own drains. Council maintains and cleans Council owned stormwater drains. This includes cleaning kerb and channel drains, drainage pipes and pits in the street and most (but not all) drains in drainage easements.

Regular street-sweeping by Council also helps prevent rubbish and dirt ending up in our stormwater system and waterways.

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Drains and pipes on private property

Property owners are responsible for the drains and pipes that collect water on their private property.

This includes the pipes which run under the footpath or through the nature strip to the kerb. If you have a blockage of a pipe or drain on your property, you will need to seek advice from a registered plumber.

If you own a property you are responsible for drains on the property up to the point of connection to:

  • A drainage easement that runs through your property
  • The Council-owned drain or kerb and channel. This is called the legal point of discharge. It includes the pipes which run under the footpath or nature strip.

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