Request legal point of discharge information

Property owners are responsible for maintaining your storm water drainage system (such as drains and underground pipes) from inside your property to the point where they connect to the Council’s stormwater drain, a drain in an easement, or street kerb and channel.  

Council approves the location which is known as the legal point of discharge.

You will need to apply for a Legal Point of Discharge (LPOD) if you are planning to:

  • get a building permit where building works include a stormwater drainage system
  • change the existing stormwater drainage system on your property (such as changing the flow rate). 

Please note: the Legal Point of Discharge response does not provide a plan of stormwater drains on your property. Issues relating to flooding or overland flow of water between adjoining properties need to be resolved between the private property owners involved. These issues are not the responsibility of Council.

You can find general information about infrastructure under your property from Before You Dig Australia.

Apply online

Step 1.Have your details ready

You will need to provide:

  • the property address
  • a brief description of the works
  • plans (if available)

Step 2.Have your credit card ready

Please note we only accept Visa or MasterCard

Step 3.Submit the online form and pay the fee

Request legal point of discharge information


Legal Point of Discharge 2024/25 Fees
Request Legal Point of Discharge $159.50

What happens next?

The application will be referred to our Engineering Department and the requested information will be sent to you within 14 business days.