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Freedom of Information. Publicly Available Information. Protected Disclosure.


“Governance” is the way by which an organisation is held accountable. Good governance is critical to forming and maintaining both internal and external relationships that are positive for all parties.  As a local government authority, Council is required to comply with legal requirements, codes and charters it has a number of policies and controls in place to ensure Council operates effectively and efficiently and manages community resources and assets responsibly.

Governance Rules 2023

Governance Rules 2023

These Governance Rules are adopted in accordance with schedule 60 of the Local Government Act 2020 and Commence on 1 September 2020.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act gives individuals and organisations a general right to access information held by Council.

Publicly Available Information

A wide variety of information is publicly available. This can range from public registers or Council Minutes to planning permit application objections or submissions on Councillors’ allowance.

Public Interest Disclosure

A Protected Disclosure is a complaint of corrupt or improper behaviour by a public officer or organisation.

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register

Council maintains a Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register to record offers in line with the policy.

Conflict of Interest Register

Swan Hill Rural City Council Governance Rules require all Councillors, members of Delegated Committees and Council staff to declare conflicts of interest.

Personal Interest Returns

The Local Government Act 2020 requires Councillors and Nominated Officers of Swan Hill Rural Council to complete Personal Interest Returns.


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