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Building and Planning

Together, Council’s Planning and Building departments are responsible for facilitating the use and development of land across the municipality in accordance with required laws and standards.

Building permits versus planning permits

It is important not to confuse building permits with planning permits.

  • Building permit:
    Relates to an actual construction of a building or development.
  • Planning permit:
    Refers to the use of the land or the development of a piece of land for a particular purpose.

Often you may need to get a planning permit first for the use and development of the land.

You will then need a building permit for the actual construction of the building or buildings linked with the land’s proposed use and development.



Find out about applying for a building permit.
Statutory Planning

Statutory Planning

Information about planning permits and how to apply.
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The Swan Hill Planning Scheme controls the use, development, protection and conservation of land in our municipality.
View planning applications on advertisement

View planning applications on advertisement

Anyone who maybe affected by the granting of a planning permit may submit an objection.

Need help?

Submit a Building or Planning enquiry  Book a meeting with Planning

Telecommunications for new developments

If you are a developer or owner-builder, there are important Commonwealth telecommunications rules you need to comply with.

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