Caix Square

Caix Square

Centrally located within the town of Robinvale, this welcoming park offers a lush grassed area, perfect for various outdoor activities or simply enjoying the Mallee sunshine.

Picnic tables are thoughtfully placed under shade structures, providing a comfortable retreat for visitors to gather and enjoy meals outdoors.

A significant feature of the park is The Robinvale Memorial Arch, part of the Villers Bretonneux Walk, which was inaugurated by Madame Huguette Pillon in 1985. This distinguished gateway is a commemoration of the World War One battlefield as well as a celebration of the bond between Villers-Bretonneux and Robinvale as sister towns. Atop the arch sits a bell from the Victoria College at Villers-Bretonneux, a symbol of friendship and shared history, bestowed upon the people of Robinvale during the 'twinning' ceremony in 1985.

The park not only offers a peaceful outdoor setting for daily enjoyment but also stands as a testament to historical ties and international camaraderie. It is a place where leisure and legacy coalesce, inviting both residents and visitors to experience the spirit of community and remembrance.


You can bring your dog to the parks within our municipality, but they must:

  • be on a leash at all times
  • not be within 10 metres of any playgrounds or barbecues


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