Extend a building permit

When you are issued a building permit, the permit includes:

  • the date when the work must commence, and
  • the date when work must be completed

If you are unable start or finish the works within the time on your permit, you must apply for an extension before the date expires. 

You may also receive a letter from Council advising your permit is due to expire.  If so, you need to apply to extend your permit or let us know if you no longer require the permit.

Types of extensions available

  • First request - additional 12 months extension provided
  • Second request - additional 6 months extension provided
  • Third and final request - additional 3 months extension provided

Council will not grant any further extensions and your current building permit will lapse. You will then need to apply for a new Building Permit.

How to apply

Email us

Step 1.Have the details ready

You will need to provide:

  • the building permit number
  • the property details
  • describes the stage of work
  • describe the work to be completed 
  • information about why you are requesting an extension of time

Step 2.Download and complete the application form

Request for an extension of time application form(PDF, 31KB)

Step 3.Email us

Email your request with the completed application form to building@swanhill.vic.gov.au


Extend a building permit 2024/25 Fees
Domestic $229
Commercial $488