Report and consent

Report and Consent is the process in which you seek approval from Council to proceed with building or construction works that may affect community assets, infrastructure or amenity.

If a Report and Consent matter affects your proposal, a building surveyor cannot issue a building permit until you obtain Report and Consent from Council.

Types of report and consent

We have three types of report and consent.

  1. Siting, design and fences - The Siting Provisions of the Building Regulations 2018 of Victoria, set design regulations for amenity impact, such as maximum height, minimum setbacks, overlooking and overshadowing. If your proposal does not comply with the Siting Provisions, you must apply for a Report and Consent for siting variations.
  2. Land liable to flooding - Proposed buildings or changes that are on flood prone land
  3. Section 29A - Every time you make a change to your property's facade or demolish a property, you need our consent to confirm your property is not protected under the heritage register - no matter the age of your property.

How to apply

Apply online

Step 1.Prepare your supporting documents

You will need to provide the following documentation with your online application:

  • Current title search (less than 30 days old)
  • Minister Guidelines Assessment Criteria document (available online when completing application)
  • Site and construction plans

Step 2.Complete the online application

Apply for report and consent 


Report and consent 2024/25 Fees
Report and consent request $320.20

What happens next

During the review of your application, Council may consult internal departments, such as Planning or Engineering. We may also consult external authorities, such as Lower Murray Water or VicRoads. Before making a final decision Council officers will:

  • conduct a site inspection, if needed
  • assess the impact on the streetscape
  • assess the impact on adjoining properties

If approved

If Council approves the Report and Consent application, you can proceed to apply for a building permit.

If refused

If Council refuses the Report and Consent application, you can either:

  1. Revise the design to comply with the Building Regulations, or
  2. Appeal the decision at the Building Appeals Board