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Footpath trading

Local business traders who want to use the footpath for commercial activity must apply for a Footpath Trading Permit if they want to:

  • Display advertising signs
  • Have goods for sale or display
  • Operate an outdoor eating area on Council land
  • Serve liquor for consumption in a public place

Trading Code of Practice

The Trading Code of Practice ensures for those who live, work and invest within the municipality that the shopping experience remains as enjoyable as possible.

It also provides guidance to traders on how they may use the public footpaths in an equitable and safe way.


Fees are renewed annually.

2023/24 Fees 1 Year
3 Year
Portable advertising signs/banners/flags (max of 2) $78.50 per sign $235.50 per sign
Goods for sale or display $78.50 $235.50
Outdoor eating facilities $191 $573
Permit to consume alcohol in a public $191 $573

Conditions placed on approved permits

  • The permit holder must maintain a policy of public liability insurance to the value of at least $20 million, during the entire term of the permit
  • Any alterations to the permit must have written authorisation from Council
  • Items placed on the footpath must comply with Council’s Community Local Law No.2
  • Council reserves the right to alter or cancel the permit should any breech occur
  • Items on the footpath must be placed directly outside the premises to which the permit relates
  • There must be a minimum 1.8 metre clearance between the building or property line and anything on the footpath at all times
  • Under no circumstances, should any goods, advertising signs, displays, ancillary items, tables and chairs be placed against the shopfront window
  • There must be a minimum 0.7 metre clearance from the kerbside at all times
  • Advertising signs and displays must be removed from the footpath during extreme weather conditions
  • Advertising signs must be no more than 1.0 metre high and 800 millimetres wide
  • Public seating, rubbish bins and other public facilities must remain accessible at all times
  • All items must be removed from the footpath at the end of each business day
For further information
Local Laws
Phone: (03) 5036 2346 (office hours only)

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