Boundary fencing

Boundary fencing

Please note: dividing allotment boundary fencing may require a building permit if it exceeds 2m in height.

Under the Fences Act 1968, the property owner and the neighbour are equally responsible for any dividing fences. The Act outlines:

  • Who’ll pay for it
  • What type to build
  • What notices to send each other
  • How to resolve disputes

Please note, the above may not apply where properties are:

  • Adjacent to Crown land
  • Adjacent to “Roads”, including road reserves, footpaths, laneways, walkways and right of ways.
  • Adjacent to other authorities land such as Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP), Goulburn Murray Water, VicTrack etc

Contact your neighbour

To obtain the adjoining property owner’s address details, please complete the following:

Disputes over fencing

Victorian local councils cannot help with fencing disputes between neighbours.

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria offers a free, confidential service provided by the Department of Justice. You do not have to be in a dispute to use their services. They can provide information and advice prior to approaching your neighbour regarding a fencing issue. However, if you are in a dispute, they also provide a range of free resolution services.

For more information visit
Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria

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