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Pools and Spas

On 1 December 2019, the State Government introduced laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety.

These laws introduce new registration, inspection and compliance requirements for property owners. Residents are now required to register their pool and spa with Swan Hill Rural City Council and have their safety barrier inspected once every four years.

Register your pool or spa with Council

Council sees the issue of pool safety as extremely important.

Please get advice from one of our Building Department staff before you proceed with any pool or spa proposal.



Fees and charges

Building permit fees are to be paid upon lodgement of your building permit application.

Please contact the Building Department for advice on the building permit fees.
Building Department
Phone: (03) 5036 2396

Swimming pools and spas and safety fencing requirements

Building permits are required for all swimming pools and spas that have a depth of more than 300mm. They must also have safety barriers that comply with AS1926 – 2012.

All new swimming pools require four-sided pool fencing. The use of doors in a dwelling as part of the safety barrier is not allowed.

Under the Building Regulations 2018, all pools and spas, regardless of when they were built, must be fitted with a safety barrier complying with AS1926.

If you have an existing pool or spa that does not have a safety barrier, you must get a barrier installed. A building permit is required prior to installing the safety barrier.

Major financial penalties may apply to property owners who do not comply with this requirement.

Building Inspections

Inspections are an important and mandatory part of the permit process.

The following compulsory inspections are required for all new building work:

  • The completion of any excavation related to the installation of the swimming pool or spa
  • Before pouring any footing or in-situ reinforced concrete
  • The completion of any precautions required to be taken under Regulation 116 (Public safety requirements)
  • Final inspection upon completion of the swimming pool or spa and related safety barrier
Arrange a building inspections by contacting our building department during office hours. Please quote your building permit number. A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed.
Building Department
Phone: (03) 5036 2396
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